Valentine Day

Admission in play school



Play hut school helps in overcoming child’s shy and fussy attitude at the initial school going age. Play hut gives a chance to a child to acquire basic knowledge on various fields of education.



1. Online Enquiry or Visit to school premises: Details of the child and parents are recorded.

2. Center walk will help u to understand about the Curriculum, security, health and hygiene or any other issue that the Parent needs to discuss.

3. Admission Form: The admission form can be filled along with admission counseling after the parent is comfortable with the infrastructure, curriculum, of wise time
Pre School, teacher and day care quality.

4.  A parent interaction with teachers takes places to ascertain concerns and expectations.

5.  Settlement discussion and process: For full day care and schooling, a settlement period of one week is part of the admission process. Parents are expected to contribute in child settlement period..

Valentine Day




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